Give it a try and you will see how your kids will love our approach! Just one lesson will be enough to show you exactly how effective this method is...

Why this is for you

This is for you if you've been wanting to get your child to learn your native language and are just about to give up because, we've been waiting for this solution for 13 years ourselves!

On-demand lessons

Add on live-coaching

Fun lessons, no more fights with your kids to attend the lessons

Our approach

Our Language Lessons


Choose between a monthly, 6-month or 12-month interactive course of lessons. Add Online teaching with experienced teachers


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How it Works

Your child will watch a teaching video

Your child attends a twice or three times weekly live class to review and speak the language with a native speaker and interact with other kids like them on a live coaching call

Sign your child up online

Use the associated handouts to do work with your kids to support their learning.

Have guided conversations in your native language with your kids so you never again have to wonder about what to say

Watch it on the go or at home using the convenient app on your mobile or tablet

Your child will interact with peers in a fun environment with trained and vetted language coaches and mentors

Immersion, where your child actively engages, has been proven to be the fastest way to learn a language, even 2 weeks will bring BIG benefit

Take part in our annual immersion retreats to super-speed your learning

Meet our teachers

Full Name


Full Name


Full Name


Proof That Our Teaching Method Works

O'MacFarlane, A Teacher

TPR ... is simply the best way to teach foreign languages for the first two or three years of instruction. It really is a set of skills. ... they are so superior to traditional language instruction methods that even with partly-mastered skills, the instructor will witness immediate improvements over whatever they were using before."

The methods focus on reducing the anxieties associated with language learning--imagine confidence in speaking instead of the anxiety of self-censorship that results from trying to think in the native language and translating simultaneously.

A Teacher

A Parent

I've literally never found anything like this for Swahili language learning, I finally feel like I have the tools to help my kids learn my native language and get comfortable speaking it.

For kids, young and old alike!

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